What is it like to find a Ideal partner through matrimonial websites?

Matrimony Sites

Tabassum and I met online in August of 2017. On September 5th of that year, we had our first date. One year later on that date, we were married. Tabassum and I have a very happy relationship and we are currently trying to have a child. I don’t want to write a whole lot about Tabassum and me, but rather would like to give those who are looking a few pointers on finding a partner on Startrishta.com.

I was on Startrishta for about a year before I met Tabassum and I talked with about thirty or so women from before. The main thing I kept running into was people not being entirely truthful about their intentions or their appearance – but I guess that is just something you need to be aware of on any dating and matrimony site. So, the main thing is just to be honest about everything if you are looking for a real relationship. If you’re not honest, you’ll never get what you want or things will eventually fall apart.

A tip for guys: Be patient. There are a lot more men here than women and they have to sift through a lot of messages looking for someone who they might like to meet. They also have a lot more to choose from as far as matches go so you may be a good match for someone and not get a response. Hang in there.

A tip for women: A lot of guys here aren’t looking for anything long term. That’s cool if you’re into that, but if you are looking for a mate you probably do not want to do a whole lot of one night stands. Chances are you’ll have a lot of guys show interest. You’ll have to learn how to discriminate between who really wants what you want and who just wants to get into your pants.

I guess a lot of the above could also apply to gay people looking for something long-term, but I won’t pretend to know what that’s like.

The main thing is that you can find real, lasting love here- just be honest; just be you. That’s it. I wish you all the best – and thank you Startrishta for my happily ever after!

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