From Online Dating to First Date In Real Life

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My name is Punit and I come from Kenya, I was studying in the UK and when my parents decided I should get married! So, I decided to take matters in my own hand and that’s when I joined

I spoke to a quite a few girls during the next few days but really it was Poonam who caught my attention. She was living in the next city and was taking a gap year before her work started. We met up one afternoon after weeks of chatting on Startrisha and WhatsApp and we literally talked for hours and hours!

After a few more dates I excitedly rang my parents back home and told them to stop the search, for I had found the one! They were super excited for me and now can’t wait to meet Poonam next time they are down. I feel an engagement is on the cards!

Thank you Startrishta for making all this happen!

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