The Love of a Young Couple: A Passionate Love Story

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Yesterday, Startrishta member Sunny reached out to us to tell us his story. He joined Startrishta three weeks ago and last week he arranged to meet up with Sara, another Startrishta user after work, as they both lived in London. He loved how the website automatically connected him to meet new people who lived close-by & found the whole process so fast and easy.

Sunny was crushing big time on Sara and had no idea she was going to say yes to a meet-up, but he must have made a good impression because she did! Anyway the day arrived not long after, and thinking he was running late from a meeting, Sunny jumped on the packed tube, forgetting to put the lid on his pen as he put it in his blazer pocket. When he got out and saw Sara he couldn’t help but notice the look of surprise on her face. She laughed and pointed out the growing ink patch on his immaculate white shirt. Embarrassed, Sunny thought he had just blown his chances at a good impression. Sara didn’t mind though, she thought it was cute and appreciated it even more that he rushed to be on time. The result? They have a second date planned later in the week! So when it comes to first impressions, and things don’t go to plan, being on time might just save the day!

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