Mix and Apply Heat

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With the age of Internet matchmaking came a new breed of expert – the dating guru, dispensing their advice to us regular folk, finding an eager audience for their latest ‘never before discovered’ method to stay fresh in the game. Cue their shock headlines to get us hooked. Caps locked. With a dozen exclamation marks to keep our e-wired brains from losing interest. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ve probably sat back with the dawning realization you could have spent a more productive 3 minutes and 30 seconds scratching your eyeballs out. Oh well, on to the next link!

But wait! Before you click anything just stop. Step away from screen and walk (slowly) to the kitchen. Because the best dating advice I have ever received was from a cook. He told me (as he threw in a pinch more saffron into his sizzling paella) that love is like a plate of good food, it’s ingredients have to be fresh with enough heat to make it all work together. And he’s right, all you need is spontaneity (that’s the fresh bit) and attraction (the heat!) to make a relationship go from fizzle to sizzle. So guys and girls, here’s a top tip, don’t worry about joining the gym or that new hairstyle, just get into the kitchen together and see what happens! At Startrishta we’ve made it easy for you to search by interest, so you can always find your next chef and get cooking 😉 Oh, and the paella? It was absolutely delicious!

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