How Startrishta starts a Indian Rishta?

Friend Chat Sites In India

Abe, 37, and Tina, 33, met through the proximity distance portal Startrisha. Abe was interested in meeting new people and going on real dates, but refused casual hook-ups or flings.

“I would always try to chat to people who I knew,” says Abe.

Right from the get-go he came up with a set of rules that included no chatting to people without a profile picture, and never giving out his details straight away. The two started chatting in February and agreed to meet in a public place for their first date.

“The second meeting ended up at Tina’s place for coffee, and on the third date we had our first kiss,” Abe blushes before adding they’ve been together ever since. They plan to marry in the future, but first, they’re in the market for a place to share.

“I think what makes us work is that we’re on the same page when it comes to our career and relationship goals. The fact that we met online doesn’t define our relationship.

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