Met Online at Startrishta, fell in love and remained happy ever after

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Hina: I was matched with Salman almost straight away. He was the only one out of the matches I was sent that I really liked. It felt a little like talking to a friend because we got on so well! I was the one who instigated our first meeting as I was worrying that I was getting far too attached to a man I had not met, and could only foresee trouble in that. We met at a park, half way between our homes and that was it!

Salman describes our meeting, by saying that this beautiful woman was waiting by the entrance to the park, and he was speechless. When we got talking face to face for the first time the conversation just flowed between us. It’s been amazing ever since, we would always meet at the park – even for our fist Valentines day together!

Now, eight months later, we are planning our future lives together by getting engaged.

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