Know how Veena overcame her breakup to find Sachin?

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Veena: “My very first rishta broke in April last year and so I joined in August after four months of being single after my parents insisted I try to get over the experience. I found it really hard to meet people as all my friends were mutual friends with my ex fiance, so my social circle wasn’t changing after the breakup. I knew a lot of people who joined online dating and matrimony sites to meet someone new so I thought I’d give it a go.

I only ever tried Startrishta as I heard from a friend how fun and intuitive the experience was. The first two guys that I talked to, I ended up being great friends with. The chemistry wasn’t there but we have become good friends. I was very nervous before my first time meeting Sachin when I saw him standing at the train station with a pink rose in his hand I found it so romantic and there was a clear instant attraction. There was just something about him. Soon after our first meeting Sachin asked me if we could become a serious item. Things progressed really quickly and I was thrilled to our families agreed to meet after only three months together.

We’re now due to get married in two months and we couldn’t be happier – thank you Startrishta for making this happen!

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