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We all know how the traditional story goes: you graduate, you find a job (well done by the way if you have even made it this far in today’s world!) and then predictably your parents start the serious ‘you need to settle down’ conversation. Suddenly you start seeing your friendly neighbourhood aunty (not to be confused with a certain superhero – but you never know!) become a much more frequent visitor at your house with her growing list of potential matches in tow. Before you know it, horoscopes get consulted, gifts get exchanged and BAM! you find yourself married. This process can be a beautiful thing, but it’s not today’s thing. The subcontinent has the largest youth population on the planet, and they are ones now defining today’s trends, and part of that redefinition is the process of finding your significant other, your life partner.

And that’s where we come in.

We’re building Startrishta as a new online community dedicated to helping you find that special person. You can say that our mission is to empower the next generation of relationships! At Startrishta, we know real life isn’t like a movie, but we do believe in soulmates and we believe in happily ever after. We’re building a site where you are the star, and you get to choose whom you interact with and importantly, how you interact with them. There is room for everyone in here, and we want you to have fun without worrying about unwanted attention or being judged by others. Ladies – that part was definitely aimed at you! We’re working hard to ensure all of our members, and their data, remain secure. Most importantly though we want to make the experience fun, without you having to worry about any friendly neighborhood aunties!

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