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Finding love online is as easy as honesty, patience and a well-thought- out profile, say dating experts.

Dr Saab Mirza, a senior research scientist with Startrishta, says a key component to online dating is patience: “Imagine you are walking into a bar with 100 people in it. Services like Startishta show you 10 people who you could go out with.”

Nathalie Nahai is the author of Webs Of Influence: The Psychology Of Online Persuasion. She has a few suggestions when it comes to dating apps.

“Instead of resigning yourself unthinkingly to your app, take a moment to ask whether it’s really working for you.

“First, get out of the chemical cage – remove the external triggers by turning off your notifications. Second, if you want the hit or you enjoy the experience of the chase but don’t want to be dominated by it, you can limit yourself to (for instance) 10 swipes a day.”

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